We raised money this time for Teens Unite a charity run by a great friend of mine Debbie Pezzani along with

Karen Millen to help teenagers with cancer who come home after a spell in hospital.


We drove to Scotland to Fort William which took 12 hours to start our challenge the following morning.

We set off up Ben Nevis at 10am where the clock started for our 24 hour trek.

How naïve was I … I thought we would be stopping for sandwiches and water breaks. But oh no.

The pace we started at was unbelievable. When we were half way up I remember saying how much further

as I was sure I saw the top. I was gutted to hear actually you are half way.. 3 hours later we were at the top

in the snow… At least now we would stop. Oh yes for 5mins then back down in 2 hours.


Then we did Scafel Pike in the Lake District in the dark and the rain, and Snowdon, Wales we started in the dark

and finished in the light. But how ever hard it was we did it… hooray and because of 2 very fit runners on our team

we clocked in at 23 hours 15mins.


The fun was the team we did it with. We had a really good laugh and thank you to everyone involved as you

know who you are. The fact that I could not walk for 3 days was proof enough that it was hard work…..

Should have done more training.